Geography is all around us. An understanding of geography can increase our knowledge of the ways in which natural and human-influenced events impact our daily lives. Geography can also broaden our understanding of how current events in seemingly distant places can be intertwined with our own physical, social and economic well being in the United States.

In order to facilitate this understanding, select one news article from each of the following world regions: Canada/Australia (choose one or the other), Latin America, Africa, Asia and Europe.

There will be a total of five (5) news items. The sources for this assignment are restricted to daily newspapers (e.g. the Charlotte Observer, the New York Times, USA Today, etc.) and/or weekly newsmagazines (e.g. Time, Newsweek, The Economist). The following websites are also examples of appropriate sources for this exercise:

- New York Times, Newsweek, CNN, USA Today, Washington Post

In addition, World News Network is a website which allows you to browse newspapers and magazines by world region. This is an excellent source for identifying local news agencies. Another good place to find articles can be found at Newseum website (today's front pages section). It displays images of front pages from national and international newspapers. It provides links to those web sites as well. Furthermore, pay attention to the web sites of the week—often these will give you ideas on other sources of news stories that would be useful for this assignment.

Please note that only daily or weekly online versions of print magazines or newspapers are acceptable websites.

For each of the 5 news items, you will:

(1) provide a complete bibliographic reference for the article, e.g. Horan, Jack. 2010. “Index Measures ‘Signals’ of Global Warming.” Charlotte Observer (June 19), p. 1A, 4A.

Horan, Jack. 2010. "Index Measures 'Signals' of Global Warming." Charlotte Observer Online (June 19),

If there is no author listed, then use the term Anonymous in place of the author’s name.

(2)    Include a map of the primary location of the article. This may be a city, country, region or physical feature. The map should have a title and a clearly labeled legend detailing the symbols and/or colors used in identifying locations.

(3) list the region and geographic theme (i.e. location, place, human-environment interaction, movement or region) you feel is illustrated in each article.

(4) include a copy of the news item OR an embedded URL to the article.

(5) discuss the geographic theme(s) illustrated in the article [i.e. location; place; human/environment interaction; movement; region]. This portion of the log entry should be between 3 and 5 complete sentences in length. A discussion means that you explain why the theme is illustrated – it is not a summary of the article!

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Item #1.
Ben Smith: “Scarred Brazil still hopeful of World Cup success”, BBC Sport, Brazil (22 June 2013)

Region: Brazil (Latin America)

Theme: Social

The article reports about social protests in the main cities of Brazil over healthcare, security, rising inflation and Soccer World Cup as well as Olympics overspending. The people in the streets claimed its...

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