Critical and subaltern studies scholars emphasize the formative role and agency of marginalized peoples. This is particularly important in the context of Caribbean studies, where Orientalist discourse on anti-slavery and anti-colonial rebellions tends to frame black laborers as passive and compliant with colonial rule. Our readings on uprisings, revolts, strategic mobilization and different practices of resistance in Haiti, Jamaica and the wider Caribbean all show how marginalized peoples contested colonial domination.

For this assignment, prepare a 1,800 word essay that draws on these readings to compares and contrasts anti-slavery and anti-colonial resistance in the Caribbean. Your essay should focus on the following questions:

• In her short essay “Novel and History”, Sylvia Wynter argues that rebellions will continue occurring so long as the relation between the plot and plantation remains the dominant force in everyday Caribbean life. Examining key events we have studied – such as the Haitian Revolution, the 1865 Morant Bay Rebellion, the 1930s uprisings, and the 1961 Henry Rebellion, demonstrate how these all involve the tensions and conflicts between the plot and plantation:
o What similarities or differences do we see in the organization and execution of uprisings? And more banal, daily forms of resistance?
o What similarities or differences do we see in the colonial response to both spectacular uprisings and everyday resistance?
o How do the concepts of hidden and official transcript help us understand the power dynamics between colonial rulers and the oppressed in plantation societies?

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Anti-slavery and Anti-colonial Resistance in the Caribbean
Resistance in the Caribbean took a unique aspect considering its role in the world exchange system as a major plantation center. Orientalism often explains the slaves of the Caribbean as passive and complacent to Western oppression. However, the slaves of the Caribbean did not at one-time share similar values as those of whites. As such, they would never remain passive or complacent about their oppression of enslavement. Sylvia Wynter explained that such rebellions were inevitable because the connection between the plot and plantation remained the central force. This means that from the onset of enslavement in the Caribbean, values, tradition, and culture were the dominant forces that created continued resistance and conflict. The following essay seeks to compare and contrast antislavery and anti-colonial resistance in the Caribbean, which involved the conflicts and tension between the plot and plantation.
                                              Organization and Execution of Uprisings
Uprisings took many forms in the Caribbean from long-term rebellions to individual and daily resistance. First, it is imperative to recognize that a general form of resistance took place across the Caribbean. Most of the slaves remained in touch with their traditions or culture. Despite increased Western influence, the slaves of the Caribbean carried on their linguistic, religious, traditional, and cultural values and beliefs. One of the dominant forms of resistance was refusing to follow the white man’s ways or culture. The slaves of the Caribbean embraced their traditional religion in the form of Voodoo. The religion was dominant in that it was at the center of most of the significant uprisings. For instance, the 1791 Haiti revolution was organized through religious rituals...

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