1) Describe the processes of blockbusting, filtering, and gentrification in inner-city neighborhoods.
2) Compare and contrast the population control methods employed by China and India. Be sure to include information from the film we watched in class (Woman by Woman) as well as the article 7 Billion people.
3) Describe the main differences in the patterns of production of broccoli in the United States and Guatemala. What are the most important differences? And how have recent changes in trade relations affected these patterns of production?
4) Describe the ethnic conflicts that came after the breakup of Yugoslavia.
5) How might landlocked states attempt to overcome transportation problems if they wish to export their raw materials overseas?
6) Since the end of the Cold War, what elements of cultural geography have been weaknesses for the United States, potentially threatening its superpower status? Use evidence from class to reinforce your assertions.
7) Summarize the main stages of the demographic transition and the reasons why a society moves from one stage to another.
8) Wars were fought in 1948, 1956, 1967, and 1973 in the land once known as Palestine. Discuss the role of territorial expansion and contraction in these wars. You should reference the modern political situation in Palestine/Israel.
9) Discuss the implications of the role of English as the world's lingua franca, at a time when other languages are becoming more common on the Internet. Give evidence from this chapter to support your opinion about the future role(s) of English in the world.
10) In what ways do folk cultures respond differently than popular cultures to variations in the local physical environment?
11) How does the process of diffusion of a popular custom contrast with that of a folk custom?
12)Examine patterns of global economic shifts, such as recessions, and discuss how these may affect global and regional migrant flows. Provide three or four specific, historical examples of these shifting patterns, and consider both push and pull factors in your answer.
13) Why and in what ways have the major sources of immigrants to the United States changed since the early 1900s?
14) Discuss two or three examples from within the last 50 years, that highlight how religion has been a source of territorial conflict among people. What other factors besides religion have also contributed to those conflicts?
15) How should geographic knowledge best be used to reduce violence in urban areas?

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1) Describe the processes of blockbusting, filtering, and gentrification in inner-city neighborhoods.

Blockbusting happened during 1960s and 1970s in United States, (Kukowski & Ricks, (n.d.)) and it represented a process where white property owners were convinced by real estate agents to sell their homes at low prices because nonwhite minorities were moving into their neighborhoods.
Filtering is a process where residents with low incomes move out from inner-city neighborhoods which results in change of demographics in those residential areas.
Gentrification is a process that is in some sense opposed to filtering. It happens when residents with higher incomes move into residential areas of the inner-city and thus changing that areas and even attracting wealthier residents to move there....
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