Write 150 – 200 words comparing two concepts you have identified from your readings about the Chicago School. Please include at least one question the reading raised for you in your response.

Steve Pile, “From Nature to Metropolis and Back Again” part 1
Steve Pile, “From Nature to Metropolis and Back Again” part 2
Louis Wirth, “Urbanism as a Way of Life” (1938)
Lewis Mumford, “What is a City?” (1937).

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The concepts that have most caught my attention in the readings of Chicago school are those of Wirth's sociological definition of the city: density of settlement and heterogeneity of cities. After reading the articles, I got puzzled by many reasons that stand behind social distance in the cities; more precisely I questioned myself, what is the main reason of social distance in the modern cities?

Wirth states that the mere density of settlement causes higher social distance in the city. The higher concentration of people itself has caused some kind of alienation among people, they tend to develop indifference to each other and in the end as they get physically closer they distance themselves socially....
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