Write about contemporary urban theory, particularly about understanding our experience(s) of walking on the city’s streets, and how these experiences generate stories about urban space. The concept and methods of “psychogeography,” are introduced to help understand how people perceive and move through urban space. What are the habits of perception that shape our personal narratives of the city?

What challenges did you set up for yourself? In what ways did you expand your normal perception of the city? What did you learn from this psychogeographical experiment?

Theory of the Dérive
URBAN APPOINTMENT - A Possible Rendez-Vous With the City
Situationist International

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Inspired by postulates of the situationists that consider life in the cities to be determined by the capitalistic way of life which consists of people having daily routines based on their jobs and other obligations, I designed a simple dérive task for myself. The task was consisted of few simple rules: Dérive isn’t an obligation; Avoid well-known paths and neighborhoods; Try to free your mind from previous experiences of walking through the city.
My first impression was that city seems to be larger than before, with a lot of more hidden details that I have failed to notice before. After a while, I became aware of lot of billboards, logos, and other signalizations in the city. Further on my focus was moved to other things such as unusual colors or shapes of objects....
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