Write about Dubai and how this city became a megacity famous around the world.

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The history of Dubai and United Arab Emirates is not as long as many might think it is. The Dubai itself has no ancient or medieval history; it has not even been mentioned in any historical books 50 years ago. The reason for the previous is that Dubai rose to power 50 years ago with the discovery of oil in United Arab Emirates. Dubai was established in the early 19th century as a trading post and was a peripheral destination for traders till the 1960s. Dubai was famous for its export of natural pearls and other commodities were also available for traders from the Gulf region.

The contemporary fame of the city of Dubai can be contributed to the discovery of oil in UAE, later export of crude oil and of course the “petro-dollars” that started pouring in the UAE budget. The ruling dynasty of sheikhs and princes since then has invested billions in creating Dubai the financial, tourist and cultural capital of the Arabian Peninsula and the Middle East....
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