Write an essay in which you discuss the cause and effect of:
A. Morrison not giving the racial identify of the girls

B. The cause or effect of mother's who abandon their children

C. What is the effect of the Gar girls on Twyla and Roberta C. Cause or effect of memories on relationships

D. Another cause or effect that you see in the story that affects the young women.

E. What is the Effect of Maggie on Twyla and Roberta?

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Toni Morrison, a nobel laureate in literature, in her short story Recitatif, has touched not only on the racial but several factors that can impact in woman’s lives, how different factors and situations have a cause and effect on two young girls and shapes their lives and attitudes. Morrison has deliberately maintained the ambiguity of racial identity of the two girls Twyla and Roberts. The main point of Recitatif is that race does not matter, she challenges the subjective nature in attempting to determine the racial identities of the girls. Due to racial ambiguity in this...
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