Write an essay about the issue of sexual abuse of women in America. Have a clear thesis statement. The essay should be approximately 1000 words.

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Our country has advanced technologically and militarily to become a global power in the world and engaged in resolving several issues at the global level from terrorism to weapons proliferation. But, there is one lingering issue, at the domestic and societal level, that continues to affect the women of our country. That horrifying issue is the problem of sexual abuse the females have to face—in the society, within their own families and at workplace. The question that comes to my mind is Why? Why a country which has risen to the global level and been a superpower, yet, has failed to ensure protection to the female sex. This paper argues that there is need for a collective effort—by women, social organisations, media and the government—to create awareness and strict enforcement of regulations against potential abusers....
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