The topic is Introducing Cheating in school systems and no child left behind act.

Use MLA format for writing and answer the following questions:
1) How cheating has increased and teachers input ?
2) How no child left behind act has had an input on teachers success ?
3) How Atlanta has been involved ?

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Many measures have been taking to increase test scores but measures like the No Child Left Behind Act have create unforeseen repercussions such as wide scale cheating.
Cheating in school systems has always been an issue that is addressed. Students are thought that cheating is a way of diminishing the real value of their education, by presenting false results, however it is always present in the educational system.
In the previous years Atlanta schools have had more than a few notable cheating scandals worth addressing, and in 2013 a number as high as 35 school district employees have been facing jail time and fines due to participation in falsifying test answers, all in purpose of building a false image of the students achievements of Atlanta.

What was it that adhered to this behavior are questioning if it is the pressure put on the importance of testing, or the stakes put on results and achievement on these tests.

Former Georgia Attorney General Mr. Michael Bowers investigated these cheating allegations, and spoke about this case that where meaning teachers were forced to cheat and do criminal acts for job security. According to the regulations, schools that fail to achieve the requirements are facing sanctions, which is one of the reasons for these acts....

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