Write a paragraph for each of the topics listed below.

Topic 1:

We have already looked at three Google tools (Google maps and latitude and Google Docs) and YouTube will be examined in a later post. There are many other Google tools available! Go to Google and you will see a list of many different tools offered by Google. Some of the tools will require you to get a Gmail account, while others are available with out a Gmail account. Pick three of the tools (excluding Google maps, latitude, Google Docs and YouTube) and explore the tools. Post to this journal the three tools you tried and why you would (or would not) use those tools. Why did you like the tool? (or why did you not like the tool?).

Topic 2:

Search engines are very important for locating information on the web. New specialty search engines with interactive components are part of the Web 2.0 boom. Explore these sites Mnemomap, Topix and Yelp. Post a summary of what you found when you compared these search engines, please include the terms you searched for trying out the engines. Which of the sites did you like the best? As a student? As a business person? Explain.

Topic 3:

When looking for current event information online it is sometimes difficult to find sites with a depth of resources.

The first is Newseum. This site can may be a bit confusing at first--skip to the today's headlines page and pick a region or topic and explore the different newspapers that are available. Which region did you choose? Did the headline topics vary within the region? Would this site be useful to you? What type of business would you think would use this type of site? Post your answers in your web journal.

The second is Technorati. This site specializes in blogs. Explore a bit and see what you can find on a topic. Do you think this site would be useful to you as a student? How might a business use such a site? Include your answers in your web journal post.

Topic 4:

Web 2.0 deals with interactivity and the involvement of users. Some of the most popular web 2.0 sites are those that allow users to share media and customize the sites content. You may already use these sites. If you haven't, you should have already heard of at least one of these sites.

The first site is Flickr. This site is free and after you register you may share photos with friends, family or the world. The second site is Youtube. This site allows users to upload their own videos to be seen by the entire world. The last site is Pandora. Pandora is a customizable online radio station.

Explore each of these sites and post a summary of what you found. Include whether you have used these sites in the past and if you did a brief summary of how they worked. Which did you like the best? Why?

Topic 5:

Web 2.0 deals with interactivity and the involvement of users. Both of the sites to explored in this topic deal with user's creating content.

The first site is Digg. Digg updates during the day and keep in mind that the topics may have some adult content. Check out the site and see what is currently available on the site. Did you find the site interesting? Would you use this site?

The second site is This site requires a login if you are going to save bookmarks online. You do not have to be a member to use the bookmarks compiled by others. Go to the Bookmarks page (using the page menu) and enter the type of bookmarks you are looking for in the search field. You should see a list of sites that others have listed for that topic. Did you see any sites for the topic you entered that you think might be useful? Would you join a site such as delicious?

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Topic 1
Google has given us solution for many of our problems and one of the tools for solving all our net base problem is the “Web Search”. Web search is one such tool provided by the Google which help us to find out all our queries in few seconds (depend on your net connection) whatever may be the topic or subject it may be. I frequently use web search tool provided by the Google in all my projects or in daily activity. Another important tool provides by the Google is the “Google Chrome” which help us in easy web browsing by using many tabs option. This many tab option helps us in opening many websites at a time and also makes referencing work very easy. “Image Search” is also one such tool provided by the Google that helps surfers in finding best picture possible around the globe. Image can be of Automobile, Nature, and Celebrities etc in entertainment category or it whether we need images for your projects all are provided by the “Image Search” tool of Google....
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