Read the article "Limiting choice not answer to gender debate" from Heraldsun website and explain the use of language to persuade. Write about how the writer use the persuasive techniques to persuade the readers.

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It has always been noticed that when we need to convince and persuade others by our thoughts and ideas than the only tool is the use of persuasive language that convinces the others and make them so as per our mind and thoughts. In this article it has been noticed by Doctor Mark that a couple came to abort the foetus only because it was a female. Similarly he told that one more couple came for aborting their twins as they had earlier got three sons. He has linked both the instances to the passing of the federal bill for the limit on accessing the Medicare. The writer has firstly explained the cases of the abortion and linked with the passing of the bill. The writer has written everything and indirectly when tried to find out on the number of abortion cases, he has added that the senator tells the record is very limited and figures are not available....

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