Guidelines for Fiction Critical Analysis Essay

Write a 1000 word critical analysis essay using the elements of Fiction (plot, narration and point of view, character, setting, symbol and figurative language, and theme).

I suggest that you look at the “Questions about...” to get ideas for content dealing with each element.
You can find those questions on the following pages in the book:

Plot p. 89, Narration and Point of View p. 164, Character p. 187, Setting p.250-51, Symbol and Figurative Language p. 289-90, and Theme p. 337.

This is an academic paper, so it should be in 3rd person and contain some research.

• You must have a works cited with at least your primary source (The Norton Introduction to Literature) and the 3 other outside sources listed below.

• You must use 3 outside sources besides the primary source; make sure to include those also in the works cited. The sources need to be as follows:

o 1 book (besides the main text)

o 1 article from the library database

o 1 website (This cannot be Wikipedia, SparkNotes, CliffNotes, Enotes, or any other generic analysis websites). The website must be credible.

• Must use 2009 Updated MLA format.

• Must have a title

• Must have a header with last name and page number

• Must have your name, my name, class, due date

• Must have 1 inch margins all the way around

• Must be double-spaced.

• Must have a works cited page

• Must have in-text citations

• The 1000 word minimum does not include your works cited page or any long quotes.

• Must have a minimum of 4 sources in the works cited.

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A Pair of Tickets:
A Critical Analysis

This story is a first person account by the author, Jing Mei, of her journey to meet her long lost twin sisters.
Raised in San Francisco, she had vigorously denied that she had “any Chinese whatsoever my below my skin,” yet she struggles with her heritage.

As she and her father travel, she recounts the people and places she encounters. She also describes her own personal journey that culminates in her realization of deep ties to her mother, family, and her Chinese heritage.
Learning of these ties that bind is the key theme of the story. Key literary elements -- plot, narration, characters, settings, and language – work together to bring the reader along with Jing Mei’s self-discover, as the story goes full circle back to the meaning of her mother’s words in the beginning that "It cannot be helped … [it is] in your blood, waiting to be let go.” The “It” are ties that span time and space, and are below the skin.
The plot of this story revolved around journey. Thea e is the explicit journey that follows the protagonist and her father from Hong Kong to Shanghai. There is the journey her mother made so many years ago, forced to leave here babies behind, meeting her second husband, and always searching to find the twin girls. And there is the emotional and spiritual journey the author...

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