Take your Fiction Literary Essay and expand it to include more research more analysis.
Include an author biography.

Note: Biographies are written in two styles:
• The chronology, also known as timeline, has a number of rows/lines and they begin with a year or years followed by brief biographical highlights in phrases or incomplete sentences.

• The narrative style is written in a number of paragraphs or in the essay form. Your Literary Biography project should be in the narrative style and in the MLA Style. Write a literary biography based on library research. Literary Biography - try to include

• The important biographical events in narrative or essay form (if you wish, you may als include a separate chronology or timeline).

• The role and contribution of your author - major themes; reasons for current popularity.

• How has your author been assessed in relation to her/his peers?

• What is the place of your author in relation to literary tradition (that is, autobiographical underpinnings, traditionalist, alienated, feminist, protest and reaction, assimilationist, nationalist, expatriate)?

• What critical/theoretical perspective does your author offer upon her/his era?

• Awards - if your author has received awards, citations, honorary degrees, etc. mention them

• If you wish to include a portrait or photo of your author (scanned or downloaded from awww site), provide complete source citation for it.

• Must be 2000-2500 words (8-10 pages not including the bibliography)

• Must use at least 6 sources from books, academic journals, news reports, etc. (From the Library database and catalog)

• (Must have at least one book other than the main text in our text book)

• Must use a total of 9 sources in paper.

• (The main text from the textbook will not count toward your 8 sources)

• (Websites such as Wikipedia, sparknotes, bookrags, endnotes, and the like will not count toward your 9 sources. If you are not sure if a website will count toward the 9 sources)

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This material may consist of step-by-step explanations on how to solve a problem or examples of proper writing, including the use of citations, references, bibliographies, and formatting. This material is made available for the sole purpose of studying and learning - misuse is strictly forbidden.

A Pair of Tickets

Amy Tan’s critically acclaimed The Joy Luck Club, from which A Pair of Tickets is found, borrows heavily from the author’s personal experiences as a Chinese-American daughter discovering a new found respect and appreciation for her Chinese heritage from her immigrant mother. These personal accounts contribute to the authenticity of the narratives, transporting the reader right in the middle of the anecdotes, as if the stories were being physically and intimately told by an old relative in one’s living room.
Like Jing Mei, Amy Ruth Tan was born in California, U.S.A. to immigrant parents John Yuehhan Tan and Daisy Du Ching Tan (Don 1-2). The middle child of three children, Tan is the couple’s only daughter (Don 1). Tan was given the Chinese name “An-mei” which means “Blessing from America” (id). The assimilation led to Tan rejecting her Chinese culture and adopting the American one as her own; this violation of her mother’s point of view caused constant clashes and widened the gap between Tan and her immigrant parents (Snodgrass 8). This mother-daughter conflict is a recurrent theme in Tan’s stories, and there seems to be an emphasis on reconciliation. In A Pair of Tickets, Jing Mei struggles with the language barrier, and the traditions and customs of her roots.
Tan’s mother Daisy had a traumatic past, one which would inspire A Pair of Tickets. Like Suyuan, Daisy also left behind daughters in Shanghai after leaving an abusive husband, Wang Zo, who later on had her imprisoned for adultery (Snodgrass 8). Wang Zo denied Daisy visitation rights, thus, Daisy was not able to see her daughters even after she served her prison sentence (id). Daisy eventually immigrated to the United States where she married her first love, Tan’s father John (id). This was during the civil war preceding...
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