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Read the chapters in “Saving private Ryan" and answer 7 questions:

1. Why did captain miller feel the need to take out the German installment at the satellite tower? (3 to 4 complete sentences).

2. Captain Miller and his squad obviously disagreed about taking out the Germans. What did the squad want to do? Which side would you have chosen? Support your answer with examples. (Four Sentences)

3. Does Wade’s position as a medic afford him any privileges in combat? Why was the squad so upset when Wade got shot?

4. When wade asked Captain Miller to give him several Morphine shots, wade knew that he would overdose and die. Miller knew as well. Did Miller murder Wade, assist in suicide or was this situation something else entirely? (support your answer with details. Five sentences)

5. When Wade dies, the entire squad begins to fall apart. Analyze Wade’s position in the squad. Was he the glue that held everyone together and focused on the mission, or was he an ordinary soldier? Support your answer with details (3 to 4 sentences).

6. Why did Miller stop the squad from killing the German soldier? What would you have been feeling at that moment? Do you agree with Miller’s decision? (3 to 4 sentences)

7. Miller finally revealed that he was a school teacher back home and was married and had kids. Why did this revelation bring the squad back together again? (3 to 4 sentences)

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1. Captain Miller just wanted to make sure that any other allied unit doesn’t come across enemy gun nest and maybe suffer heavy loss of men. He was aware of all the risks he was taking but to him it seemed like the right thing to do. Although almost everyone disagreed with him and wanted to go around the gun nest unnoticed he insisted on proceeding with the attack...

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