Fairy Tale Assignment:
• Maximum 2 pages double spaced
• Lesson or moral
• Highlight diction (word choice)
• Fairy tale elements:
• Unspecified place
• Unspecified time
• Once upon a time
• Simple plot
• Archetypal characters (no specific names)
• Morality (good vs. bad, good is rewarded and evil is punished)
• Happy ending (order is restored in the end)
• Extreme conditions (beauty, riches, poverty etc.)

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Once upon a time boy woke up and felt curious. Boy was very poor. He had one pair of clothes that he always wore. He drank water from the stream. He ate berries that grew along the meadow. He had never left his woodland home, and in fact, he did not know he was poor. Nature knew the boy’s needs and never stopped to provide him fresh water from her streams, and fruits and verdant leaves from her bosom. Boy had never thought to leave the safety of his neighborhood, but waking up he felt curious. “I am going to cross the stream, today,” he said. And he did. He placed a few berries in his thinned out pocket and carried with him a bag he had made from dried up tobacco leaves, filled with a morsel of nut, and other provisions Nature herself had provided. “Why would you leave your home,” Nature inquired? “I must go see the world,” replied the boy....

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