1.How does Sophie Mol win the confidence of her cousins (pp.180-181)? (This is from the book called The God of Small Things) This is has to be at least 200 words long. This is a contemporary Indian fiction literature course.

2.How is the history of Booker Prize intertwined with the history of colonialism (p.127-128)? This is from the essay called Amit Ray’, “’Indianness’ and Contemporary Cosmopolitan Fictions: Of Bookers and Spice and Everything Nice.”

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1.How does Sophie Mol in The God of Small Things win the confidence of her cousins (pp.180-181)?

First, it is important to understand that Rahel deems the talk and nonsense that goes on both in the home, and in the context of the Pickle Factory, as “Play,” like being in a stage production where everyone knows their part. At first Rahel thinks of Sophie Mol as part of the play, but as we see in the novel, she does win over the cousins’ confidence by being able, as Rahel sees it, “to walk out of Play.”...

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