Part 1:
Go online and find a new electronic "gadget" that you would like to share with your fellow classmates.

Gadgets include handhelds, GPS, cell phones/combo's, gaming systems, cameras, and any other small self-contained electronic gizmo. The item can already be available on the market or it can be in development.

It has to be very unique!!! Write a paragraph about what you found.

Part 2:
Go online and find a E-Commerce website that has a web database that you would like to share with your fellow classmates. To get credit you must find a website with a database, post to the E-Commerce discussion board, include a URL and why you like the site and discuss the database it uses (what you can find, how well/not well it works...) and you may not duplicate any other sites your fellow classmates have already found. First posted gets credit for a site! So check the board before you post to make certain someone else hasn't already picked that site!

Make certain you choose a commercial site. (Ask yourself--are they selling a product?)
It has to be very unique!!! Write a paragraph about what you found.

Part 3:
The current innovations with mobile technology with smart phones and tablets has impacted the way business and our everyday lives are conducted.

Let's explore the world of mobile applications. Everyone will need to find 1 app that is business focused. This may be a business, productivity or even creative app that would be used in a business or for a business purpose. Then find 1 app that you just like or enjoy that does not have a business purpose. Post the name of both apps along with where you located the app, whether you currently use the app, and a short statement about why you picked each.

If you do not have a smart phone or tablet, you will need to look at app reviews or browse the app stores to find your two apps. If you do have a smart phone or tablet, either post the information about a current app, or use the app store to find the app(s).

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Part 1: Computer Mouse Scanner

This innovative gadget combines practicality with size to create a computer mouse that doubles as a document scanner. This corded mouse, worth about $99, has the ability to scan documents directly to a computer with, quite literally, the click of a button. This mouse has the ability to render traditional scanners obsolete as its size, affordability and ease of use encourage an upward climb....

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