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Rearrange the following formulae to make the variable in brackets the subject. a) v=u+at (a) b) A=(a+b) (b) 2 2. The formula for the surface area of a sphere is A=4m² = a) Rearrange this formula to make the radius, r, the subject. b) Use this new formula to find the radius of a sphere with surface area 36cm2 accurate to one decimal place. 3. A rectangular football field measures 56m by 100m. a) Draw a diagram to represent this information. b) Calculate the distance across the field from one corner to the corner diagonally opposite. 4. Find the area of this triangle. 14cm 4cm 12cm 5. Find: a) sin a ß 13 b) sin B 5 c) cos B a 12 d) tan a 6 Find the unknown side lengths of these right angled triangles: 5.5 a) 30° b) b x 20° 25 7. A road slopes upwards at 12° to the horizontal for 2. 1km. How much higher is the upper end of the road than the lower end? 2. 1km 12° 8. A boy standing back from a 70m cliff has to look up at 29° to see the top of the cliff. How far away is the boy from the base of the cliff? Draw a diagram first. Find the sizes of the marked angles. a) 9 5cm b) A 3.5m 12.5cm B 5m 9.5 12.5 10. The bronze Buddha of Kamakuni is 14.5m high. If its shadow is 34m long, what is the angle from the end of the shadow to the top of the Buddha? Draw a diagram first. 11. A ladder 4m long rests against a window sill 3.5m above the ground. a) What angle does the ladder make at the ground? b) How far is the foot of the ladder from the base of the wall vertically beneath the sill? Draw a diagram first.

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