Investigative essay – Why do we travel?

There are many reasons why people travel. The articles below highlight some, and the purpose of travel varies. For example, trips can be made for pleasure, to learn something, to escape from something or to discover something.

Get examples from the articles and your own experience (be sure to separate your own and others' thoughts!) And find out why people travel.

Title: That's why we travel

Formulate your own introduction that leads to the question: Why do we travel? The question should receive a clear answer at the end of the text.

The three articles you are allowed to use are further down in this document. Remember, do not try and only take what is stated clearly there. You should also read between the lines and draw conclusions about what the articles really mean about your question.

Write 400-800 words.

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That's why we travel
Is there some quality written in our genes that makes us long to travel? Or, is our type of personality or the environment driving us around the world? We explore or exploit some tourist destinations? Are we all given equal opportunities to travel for pleasure? Do travels help us understand life and ourselves?
Why do we travel?
Travel is usually related to adventure. This lust for adventure is exercised in different ways depending on biological inheritance, environment, and chance. Biologically, the levels of the enzyme...

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