Write a 1000 word essay on the history of the periodic table- including the contributions of Dalton (concepts of atoms), Lavoisier (concept of elements), Berzelius (development of atomic weights), and Mendeleev (predictive power of the Periodic table), and Mosley (concept of atomic numbers).

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Since ancient time man was familiar with element like gold silver copper. But basic structure of them was rarely know neither there major physical and Chemical properties as we know them today. The Basic concept what they are made of was a matter of conceptualization and the ancient Greeks were the pioneers in this field. They assumed of a fundamental particle and named them as atomoss . The first major breakthrough in the modern chemistry came when the John Dalton gave it structured hypothesis of the old concept of atomoss as atomic theory saying” The fundamental idea of modern chemistry is that matter is made up of atoms of various sorts, which can be combined and rearranged to produce different, and often novel, materials. “. The consideration at atoms are the basic unit of element and atoms of same element has same properties and atoms of the different element has different properties and in chemical reaction atoms are not destroyed only they get arranged differently revolutionized the study of the Chemistry as whole...
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