Choose an Alaskan industry to write a short report and do some research on. Some suggestions include but are not limited to: Oil Production/refining, tourism, State/Federal employment, Fishing, Health Care, Mining, Lumber/Wood Products, Communications.

You will then need to prepare a short essay detailing the industries past and present impact on Alaska's economy. Make sure to indicate whether it is a growing or shrinking industry and what environmental or other concerns that may be impacting its growth. In addition to a minimum of one single-spaced page of writing, please include a minimum of 2 illustrations to support your writing and one graph chart. Additionally include a copy of a current event news article regarding this industry.

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Alaska: Oil Production
About 30 percent of nation’s known recoverable sources are estimated to be contained in Alaska’s waters.   Interestingly, Prudhoe Bay in Alaska is the largest oil field in the whole of North America. Oil and gas industry is the predominant contributor to the economy of Alaska, accounting for 92 percent of state’s revenue. Moreover, the petroleum industry assists one-third of Alaska’s jobs, approximately 110,000 jobs throughout the state. It is estimated that the state of Alaska has collected $157 billion from oil industry in the last six decades. Based on these facts...
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