What's Happening In American Politics Today?

Take some time to read or watch the news to find out what is happening in the United States' government today. Choose one article or story that catches your interest.

In your own words, write a brief description of what you learned (just a few sentences).

Cite the source of your article (Examples: for an Internet source, give the complete URL; for a print source, give the name, publication date, and page number.)

Include any of your own opinions on the selected topic.

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US politics is going through the phase where presidential election would be most important event to look for. The election campaign is in its final weeks and has tightened again after a period in September when Mr Obama seemed to be dominating the contest. Legislative activity will continue after the general election in November, having been mostly on hold during 2012. A highly partisan atmosphere will continue to make constructive agreement difficult, as it is likely that the presidency and the chambers of Congress will remain split between the two parties after the election....

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