1. Discuss important aspects of the institution of slavery in Texas.
2. Discuss the major economic transformations taking place in Texas from 1874 to 1890.

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1. Discuss important aspects of the institution of slavery in Texas.

The spread of slavery in Texas was referred to as the “Peculiar Institution” and began to move across the eastern part of the state in 1821. By 1865, it had covered around two-fifths of the state and the growth was becoming more and more rapid each year. The reason for much of this advanced growth was due, in part, to the fertile soil of the land. Although Texas was the last state to incorporate slavery, they quickly found out how important the idea was to the economics of their state.

It was put into verbal agreement that settlers were entitled to 80 acres of land for each bondsman (slave) they brought with them to the state. Therefore, the 300 original settlers brought enough bondsmen that it increased their overall population to 443 people....

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