Discussion 1: Abstract Art

What does the term “abstract” mean when it is applied to art? Defend the idea that ALL art is ultimately abstract.

Discussion 2: Art in the Ancient Near East

There are obvious shared characteristics among the different cultures that inhabited the geographical area that makes up present day Turkey, Iran, and Iraq. Discuss artistic examples from at least three cultures and provide insight as to their common purpose, style, and/ or theme. Select one artistic example each from the following cultures: Sumerian, Akkadian, Babylonian and Assyrian and discuss their common purpose, style and/or theme.

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1.    Abstract Art
In art, the term abstract denotes the use of visual language to define the distinctive aspects rather than the accurate object under the definition. In a retrospect, abstract art is a form of art, which is not entirely a representation but rather uses color, form, shapes, and boundaries to develop a degree of independence when compared to the actual concepts represented. According to Michalowski and Smith (2011), all art forms are in one way or another abstract majorly because they are not the real object, aspects or concepts but visual representations. In addition, Reid (2014) argues that it is not hard to interpret an abstract art as it is normally thought since there is a manner to read the art just like there is a manner to read and interpret a realistic painting....
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