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Comparison between Lukas Cranach the Elder, Caspar von Köcheritz (Richelieu
Wing, 2e étage, German Painting, room 8) AND Dosso Dossi, Portrait of a Man (Denon Wing, Mona Lisa Room, INV. 866)

*Your paper should be approximately 10 pages long.
*A dynamic title, a proper bibliography, and credits (MLA format) are essential.
*Base your analysis on both close personal scrutiny of the works in the Louvre (the papers will be corrected on site) and library research on the artists, iconography, and contexts of the pieces selected. Only scholarly websites with proper authority should be cited.
*A personal thesis should drive the development of your ideas, allowing you to integrate careful observation into a broadly framed analysis.

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Lukas Cranach the Elder’s Portrait of Lord von Kocheritz and Dosso Dossi’s Portrait of a Man are two High Renaissance paintings that fulfill most of the stereotypes of Renaissance portraits. Both subjects in the portraits are noblemen (von Kocheritz and Cesare Borgia) who show little to no facial expression, from the cold eyes to the closed mouths. Both subjects wear black hats and other symbols that symbolize their noble background (the rings on von Kocheritz’s left hand and Borgia’s necklace as examples). Both men are bearded; both subjects’ faces are also drawn three-dimensionally. However, a few differences exist. Borgia is painted with light illuminating the left side of his face and body, while von Kocheritz appears as if he is sitting in a completely dark room....

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