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Answer the following questions:
1.What do you think the choreographer wants you to consider and to know about this space?
2.How is sound accompaniment being used in this work to partner with space, movement and intention?
3.What images, emotions, visceral and kinesthetic responses emerged during your viewing of this work?

Choose two of the following videos:

1. SSD - Rondinella

Rondinella, a lyrical and eloquent site-specific work, created for five dancers with live musician and video projection, was originally created and performed in the village square of Svetvincenat/San Vincenti (near Pula) in Istria, Croatia. Site Specific Dance Julia Ritter

2. SSD - Cell by Headlong Dance Theatre

Cell was created by Headlong Dance Theater for the 2006 Philadelphia Live Arts/Fringe Festival. The size of the audience is one. The dance takes place in and around Old City in Philadelphia. The film was made by Mahalia Cohen. Site Specific Dance Julia Ritter

3. SSD - Hotel Pool by Headlong Dance Theatre

Headlong Dance Theater's site-specific work for a swimming pool presented at the Philadelphia Live Arts/Fringe Festival. Made by Michael DiMierjian. Site Specific Dance Julia Ritter

4. SSD - Stephen Koplowitz

This video is the sixth in a series about Stephan Koplowitz: TaskForce which is a site-specific touring dance company creating work in Plymouth, UK. The company will create and perform eight new site works, all created in three weeks, while collaborating with local guest artists. All of the sites are connected to the theme of water. "Liquid Landscapes" is eight public site-performances that take place in historically, culturally and ecologically significant sites throughout the greater Plymouth region. Site Specific Dance Julia Ritter

5. SSD - Melt

Blending visual and performing arts, Melt (in progress) was performed by 3 dancers perched on small seats affixed to the wall and wrapped in sculptural beeswax and lanolin costumes that slowly melted away illustrating the transformation of the ephemeral body into light. Choreography: NoémieLafrance Score: Erin McGoningle Dancers: OriLenkinski, Megan Metcalf, Emma Stein Site: Black and White Gallery, Brooklyn, NY Beeswax Costumes: NoémieLafrance Dates: June 22 & 29 2003 Site Specific Dance Julia Ritter

6. SSD - Rapture

RAPTURE, a site-specific aerial dance performance directed by award-winning choreographer NoemieLafranceuntop the architecture of Frank Gehry. Workshop performance at Fisher Center, Bard College, June 2007. Sound score by Janek Schaefer. Live Sound Score performed by Bora Yoon. Site Specific Dance Julia Ritter   

7. SSD - Eiko&Koma: The Making of Cambodian Stories

Retrospective Project Video Documentary #03. Full length. This 25 minute video documents Eiko&Koma as they work with their young Cambodian collaborators in Phnom Penh in 2005. CAMBODIAN STORIES toured across twelve U.S. cities in 2006; this video was screened in theater lobbies and on cable television in order to promote and contextualize this collaboration. Directed by Eiko and Koma. Performed by Thorn Chan, VannakHuoth, Sotha Kun, SokchanthornNgin, NimitOuen, SophonPhe, Chakreya So, Setpheap ("Peace") Sorn, Sok Than, and Chivalry Yok. Filmed August 2005 in Cambodia by RyokoNagakubo, Chakreya So, Eiko and Koma. Edited by Shoko Letton, Eiko and Koma. © 2005, Eiko&Koma. Site Specific Dance Julia Ritter   

8. SSD - Eiko&Koma - The Making of River

Retrospective Project Video Documentary #04. Full length. Eiko&Koma created "DANCING IN WATER: the Making of RIVER" as the first video work for the Retrospective Project. Often produced in collaboration with environmental groups and park officials, RIVER is an outdoor work Eiko&Koma performed in nine different sites. RIVER usually takes place in a body of moving water, and the journey downstream suggests the passage of life and time. This video follows Eiko&Koma from rehearsals in the Catskills to performances in the Delaware River and the American Dance Festival. Site Specific Dance Julia Ritter   

9. SSD - Eiko&Koma - Offering after 911

Retrospective Project Video Archive #28. Excerpt. Eiko&Koma conceived and created OFFERING as a mourning ritual in post 9/11 New York City and performed it in six different city parks in July 2002. Dancing in the Streets produced the series under the title "Reclaim Our City with Dance." Dancing in the Streets Director Aviva Davidson and Eiko&Koma worked closely with neighborhood organizations, which co-sponsored the events. In New York City, Lakshmi Aysola performed with Eiko&Koma. Site Specific Dance Julia Ritter

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SSD – Rondinella

Question 1. For the first choreographer he wishes to show that you can’t run from the area.
It is ok to move in circles, just not vertically. It is my opinion that he wants to show or describe a grain field that has been cut. The feet in the air depict the cut grain field. The circling movements which are excruciating to me to relate to...

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