1. Explain how ancient Egyptian art reflects spiritual beliefs. Give and example.

2. Egyptian figural representations are visually distinctive. Describe basic elements of these conventions as illustrated in examples of paintings and sculpture reliefs.

3. Describe the importance of the Nile River to Egyptian society.

4. What does it mean to refer to Ancient Egyptian architecture as “processional”?

5. Sum up how “Chapter 2: Art for Eternity” describes a “style” with regard to Egyptian art. Why is Egyptian art a great example for seeing what this concept means?

6. The most remarkable thing about Egyptian art is its consistency of period style across millennia. They figured out a way of expressing their beliefs about the world in a very ordered, highly developed system of line, color, proportion, and symbolism.
Why do you think modern people have been unable to achieve this consistency and uniformity? What is it about our value system or way of relating to the world that stands out as different?
What you think is a key difference between ancient Egypt and modern USA and explain the nature of this difference in 3-4 setences (or more if you wish)?

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1. Explain how ancient Egyptian art reflects spiritual beliefs. Give and example.

The ancient Egyptian culture believed in an afterlife. They believed that their soul/spirit (or ka) would need a place to come back to and rest after death. This belief, over time, formed the basis for mummification, burial in tombs, and for the pharaohs (a god on earth and divine ruler) of Egypt to need colossal temples, pyramids tombs for the afterlife, and even slaves to serve them in their afterlife....

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