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Discussion on Art across the Ages by Professor Ori Z. Soltes
Topic: The Early Renaissance

Discussion: Donatello and Humanism

1. Donatello's sculptures of David and Mary Magdalene are full expressions and examples of Humanism. With these two works Donatello raises the bar of excellence of Classical sculpture, emulating but not imitating antiquity; with his work we enter the world of modern statuary. Discuss, expand, explain, agree or disagree.

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Donatello and Humanism

Soltes talks about how continuity and transformation are two opposing concepts in the history of Western Art. Continuity is the idea Soltes uses to indicate how art depends on unchanging ideas that hold Western Art together even though times and fashion changes. Transformation is the idea Soltes uses to show how individual artist understands the continuity of ideas, but put their spin on an old idea....

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