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Discussion on Ortiz Soltes's A World of Art

Topic: The North and the Reformation

The 1500s were a time of great change in art and society.
Consider what historic and social forces were present in Europe and driving that change.

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Social Forces in Europe in the 1500s:

Soltes present many ideas in his lecture on fourteenth century European art, but the most important is to show how complicated desires are being represented in European art in the 1500s. First, it was because Europe’s socio-economic structure was changing, but also most dramatically was Martin Luther’s criticism of the Church (Soltes, L25, 0:36). Soltes argues that we can see in art the crisis faith that was going in the early 16th century reflected in art that goes from the end of the Renaissance, to the Northern European artists, and the rise of Mannerism in Italy....
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