Write about the role of 'rise of nationalism' on Yugoslav disintegration, from Tito's death to beginning of war in June 1991.

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When discussing the issue of rise of nationalism in Yugoslavia in the period from Tito’s death till the war in Yugoslavia, one must not forget the Yugoslav constitution from 1974. “The 1974 constitution was simply an expression of a longer trend of decentralization and the shift of real power centers toward the republics.” (S. Szayna & Zanini 101) The model of decentralization that was brought by the 1974 constitution paved the way for the state-building of the constituent republics of Yugoslavia. Moreover the 1974 constitution is seen as a driving force behind the rise of nationalism and the later breakup of the federal state. In the context of nationalism, 1980s in Yugoslavia were marked by economic nationalism of the republics and rise of ethnic nationalism of all Yugoslav peoples. During the 1980s all six republics in Yugoslavia were becoming economically closed to each other and self-sufficient with a tendency of not taking part in the common Yugoslav market. The economic nationalisms of Slovenia, Bosnia, Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia and Macedonia interfered with ethnic nationalisms and created turmoil which was fatal for the federal Yugoslavia....

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