1) The work of John snow was crucial to gaining an understanding of cholera. The control of cholera is the role of the water companies, for example did they attempt to implement cleaner water supplies?

2) From York there is ample evidence demonstrating the problem of public health. From Nottingham, there is even more you can refer to, so the important thing is to use whatever evidence you discover constructively try back your observation, assertions and conclusions by referring directly to relevant evidence, for example according to...." or photographs of......" suggest that...." or the evidence to...."

With whom would you say did blame lie for a failures in a public health in these two cities?

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1. John Snow was famous for determining that a fecal bacterium in a water well on Broad Street was responsible for a large-scale cholera outbreak in London in 1854. Snow was not able to specifically identify the type of bacteria, but he was able to create a detailed map displaying the documented cholera cases by location in London....

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