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A brief research paper is required. Its optimum length, ex-clusive of footnotes and bibliography, is 2,000 words. The paper must be typed (size 12 font), double spaced, with a title page, one-inch margins all around, and carefully proofread.

My topic will be Hungary Collaboration With Allied Nazi Germany with a focus on Ferenc Szálasi and the Arrow Cross regime. Essay Must follow guidelines, and have at least 3-5 sources.

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The history of Hungary, which is a landlocked country situated in Central Europe, is defined by some critical incidents. However, the collaboration of the nation with the Allied-Nazi Germany during the course of the Second World War is perhaps the most interesting, based on what has been accounted for by historians and researchers. Much has been written about the involvement of Hungary during the war. As historians seem to reveal, the historical Hungary supported the German cause from the start. While this is the case, it seems that there is little knowledge regarding the nature of cooperation between the country and Allied-Nazi Germany during the Ferenc Szálasi and his Arrow Cross regime. Hence, the present paper will attempt to create new knowledge that enlightens the readers on the characteristics of the collaboration by the Ferenc’s administration including the aftermath. The study takes the standpoint that Ferenc Szálasi’s cooperation with Germany was primarily an effort to gain support in suppressing the Soviet invasion of Hungary, but the Arrow Cross regime failed miserably from such indecision.

Hungary, under Ferenc Szálasi, collaborated with the Allied-Nazi Germany between October 11, 1944, and January 18, 1945. Ferenc Szálasi was the leader of the Arrow Cross Party, a fascist political regime. On October 14, 1944, Regent Miklos Horthy resigned from his position as the head of state. He then appointed Ferenc Szálasi, who was then serving as the leader of the Arrow Cross, to function as the prime minister. The appointment, however, was managed . As such, by promoting the latter, Regent Miklos Horthy wanted assurances from the German administration that the Waffen-SS would release Miklos Horthy Jr. from captivity....

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