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1. How does Herzl describe the condition of Jews around the world? What example does he cite?

2. Herzl present his plan in some detail. Where does he propose to locate the Jewish Homeland, and why there? How will Jews be convinced to leave their homes and relocate to the Jewish state?

3. Herzl argues that the new state would not be a theocracy, but a tolerant environment. Why do you think he felt it necessary to make this point? To what extent is his proposal specifically pertinent to the Jewish people, and to what extent could it apply to any people suffering from prejudice and discrimination.

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Question 1
Herzl describes the condition of the Jews as people who are not allowed to be just as other people around the world are. He goes ahead to state that even if the Jews try very hard to assimilate into other people, they are seen just as outsiders, something that has made it very hard for the people (Jews) to live in peace around the globe. Whatever thing that they try to do so as to make their nation’s reputation good, it is not given the recognition that it deserves. This implies that the condition of the Jews on earth or around the globe is that, which is viewed by other members of the society as foreigners. He gives examples of the...

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