Watch the video about John Muir and write out some feedback (no citations needed) to the three questions listed below.

1. What was this movie about?

2. What are the two most memorable things you took from this movie? What would you tell someone (positive things, please) about this topic had they zero knowledge and wanted to learn?

3. What was your overall impression of this period? Who/What do you see as the most significant episode that scholars and filmmakers should continue to document?

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1. This episode of The Last Explorers focused of the life and work of Scottish-American naturalist John Muir. Muir came to America with his family when he was only eleven years old. He was raised in a strict religious household, where his father dictated over John and the rest of his family. The narrator described the brand of Christianity followed in the household as “poisonously grim”. John had worked as an industrial engineer before an accident ended this line of work for him. After he had recovered, John took off an exploration. He had planned to go to South America but fell sick when he reached the Gulf of Mexico. The setback drove John to explore closer to home....

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