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After reading Dom Apollon's essays "Don't Call them Post Racial" and "What is Racism?" (2011) write a 500-750 word essay reflecting on the state of race relations in the twenty-first century. This essay also should also reflect on your own experiences and perspective about the current state of affairs regarding race and ethnicity. A succesful essay will be well-organized, thoughtful, engage with the Apollon readings and also introduce the reader to your own background and identity.

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We’re not in a Post-Racial Society
Although race relations have dramatically improved from the segregation era, where African-Americans and other non-whites were second-class citizens in the South, the post-racial era many political pundits touted after Barack Obama’s election in 2008 did not come to pass. Instead, some of the same racial fissures and stereotypes once again reared their ugly heads. However, racism is more difficult to define in the 21st century because it appears in several different ways.
In the 1950s, a young Martin Luther King, Jr. addressed a conference of African-American ministers in St. Louis. The most important question he asked at the meeting was: “Are...

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