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Assassination as a political tool

Limited to the usual 500 words or less, I would like you to comment on the nature of the conflict between the monarchs, the Barons and the Church described in the lecture, and also on the use of assassination as a means of political change and redress. As noted in the lecture, Catherine de Medici had warned her son Henry III of France that 'assassination bred assassination.' The stability of France was shattered by decades of civil war, and all of the contenders in what is remembered as the "War of the Three Henrys" were killed by assassins.

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The monarchs were generally Catholic, but felt the need to unify the country and integrate the most competent nobles into their kingdom, even if they were Protestant. These beliefs clashed significantly with the more hardline Catholic nobles and the Church, which could not tolerate Protestantism, specifically Calvinism. Some of the Barons, who comprised a section of French nobility, were Protestant, and the hatred between hardliners from the two religions made it impossible for Catherine de Medici as Queen and regent to keep order (it required a much stronger king)....

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