1. What incident caused Ida B. Wells to become involved in the Anti-Lynching Movement?

2. How did she respond to the accusations that rape was usually the cause of a lynching?

3. How did she describe the scene of a lynching and the audiences’ reaction to being there?

4. Why did Ida B. Wells feel that the government did not want to intervene to ban lynchings?

5. What happened to her after The Red Record was published?

1. What are five reasons in support of reparations for slavery to present-day African Americans?

2. What are five reasons against reparations for slavery to present-day African Americans?

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1. Wells joined the anti-lynching movement when three of her friends, Thomas Moss, Henry Stewart, and Calvin McDowell were arrested for a crime they did not commit. Their store was robbed and infiltrated by whites, who were injured in the ensuing gunfire. After their arrest, a lynch mob executed them before they were tried for the crime they did not commit. Wells encouraged African-Americans to fight against lynching and extrajudicial punishment from this moment. She wrote that blacks should do whatever was in their power to leave Memphis because they would not receive due process after the extrajudicial murders of Stewart, McDowell and Moss....

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