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Write a 5 page paper discussing the McCullough book 1776 and in what ways the history of Western Civilization influenced the formation of the United States. Students will examine the concepts of the free speech and republican government which are unique to the Western world beginning with the Greeks. The paper will demonstrate how the American Revolution was the result of and a continuation of the Western tradition.

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The American Revolution was a continuation of the Western tradition for several reasons. Most of the American colonists were British, and therefore developed republican institutions ever since they arrived in Virginia in the early 17th century. The idea of debating taxes and other bills in a legislature existed from the very beginning of the British colonization period. For example, the House of Burgesses, the first legislature in the American colonies, was established in Virginia in 1619. Therefore, the colonists were shocked when after the French and Indian War, the British passed the Stamp Act (1765), which raised levies on any postage that required stamps in North America. The British government, including King George III and Lord North, the Prime Minister, believed that the colonies were already virtually represented in Parliament due to their previous acceptance of British sovereignty. However, many colonists, including the fiery James Otis Jr., argued that no colonies had physical representatives in Parliament, so they were not adequately represented...

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