Questions 1 to 20: Select the best answer to each question.

1. A six-year study found the DARE program to be most effective in ... schools.
A. suburban
B. urban
C. private
D. rural

2. When the police attempt to address a drug crime problem by engaging an individual who has a vested interest in a drug crime, they're engaging in
A. a zero-tolerance post.
B. third-party policing.
C. crackdown enforcement.
D. a sting.

3. Streetlight improvement, block parenting, and household security surveys are all part of this kind of crime prevention activity
A. Neighborhood watch
B. Community activity support
C. Surveillance programs
D. Community intervention programs

4. In the United States, the most commonly used illicit drug is
A. cocaine.
B. heroin.
C. ecstasy.
D. marijuana.

5. Which of the following statements about the relationship between drugs and crime is true?
A. There's no relationship between the amount and severity of the crime and the type and amount of drugs used.
B. When drug users stop or reduce usage, they tend to commit more crimes.
C. There's a strong causal relationship.
D. The relationship isn't clearly understood.

6. Research has indicated that drug-related homicides due to the interaction between those in the drug culture can be classified as
A. first-degree homicides.
B. economic compulsive violence.
C. systematic violence.
D. psychopharmacological violence.

7. Some patriot groups have been inspired by
A. Timothy McVeigh.
B. big government.
C. Frank Nelson.
D. The Turner Diaries.

8. Under “Operation Double Play” used by the Chicago Police Department, narcotic teams arrest drug dealers in the known hot spots of the city and replace them with
A. undercover officers.
B. citizen volunteers.
C. reformed dealers serving probationary and parole terms.
D. out of town police working on temporary assignment.

9. Which U.S. president's administration implemented the first modern war on drugs?
A. Gerald Ford
B. John F. Kennedy
C. Ronald Reagan
D. Richard Nixon

10. A survey of America's state police organizations found that ... are located in almost every state and are more prevalent than Islamic jihadists.
A. Hezbollah chapters
B. Ku Klux Klan chapters
C. right-wing extremist groups
D. enviro-terrorist groups

11. According to The National Drug Control Strategy, the most commonly used illicit drug is
A. cocaine.
C. marijuana.

12. Community policing is implemented operationally through all of the following except
A. community engagement.
B. problem-solving and situational crime prevention.
C. reoriented police operations.
D. improved hierarchical organization of the police department

13. Local and state police have become responsible for
A. cooperation with federal efforts at big drug marketing organizations.
B. criminal forfeiture investigations.
C. retail level enforcement for illegal drugs.
D. small-time drug investigations.

14. Perception of the police is considered to be generally
A. positive.
B. neutral.
C. admirable.
D. negative.

15. Terrorists have never used .... against the United States.
A. conventional weaponry
B. a weapon of mass destruction
C. kidnapping
D. bombs

16. According to the author of the text, most terrorist activities in the United States are related to
A. the K.K.K.
B. extremist and patriot groups.
C. Al Qaeda.
D. drug gangs.

17. Terrorism is an illegitimate use of force against innocent people to achieve
A. a political objective.
B. genocide.
C. a religious objective.
D. individual power.

18. Research as of 2009 indicates that terrorists most often use ... accomplish their attacks.
A. radiological explosives
B. biological weapons
C. conventional or homemade weapons
D. chemical weapons

19. What is the guideline for organizing security in the United States?
A. Primary Emergency Act
B. Physical and Cyber Infrastructure Document
C. National Infrastructure Protection Plan

20. The country with the largest number of terrorist attacks in 2012 (most recent available data) was
A. Pakistan.
B. Afghanistan.
C. India.
D. Iraq.

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