Read the article, “The Great One, Water, and the Laozi,” by Sarah Allan, and answer the following questions?

HINT: Concentrate on the following sections of the article: Pages 237-243; 253-276; 281-285

a) What is the estimated date of the tomb at Guodian?
b) Based on what kind of evidence?

a) How many manuscripts from Guodian contain text from the Laozi?
b) Are all of them the same or are they different from each other?
c) What percent of the Daodejing text is included in these bamboo manuscripts?

3. Why are the manuscripts found in the Guodian tomb especially significant?

4. What does Da Yi sheng shui mean?

5. What is the author’s hypothesis about the relationship between the Da Yi sheng shui and the Daodejing? Why does she think this?

6. Does she think that the Great One was male, female, or both? Based on what evidence?

7. What spirits, concepts and images does the author associate with the Great One?

8. In constructing her argument, what primary sources does the author cite? What secondary sources does the author cite?

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1. a) What is the estimated date of the tomb at Guodian?
The Guodian Tomb was dated very close to 300 B.C, but due to inaccuracies in dating, anywhere from 310 to 280 BC is possible

b) Based on what kind of evidence?
The tomb had to be built before 278 B.C. and the Qin takeover because Qin tombs are different than Chu tombs...

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