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Week 4: First Empires and Common Cultures in Afro-Eurasia
Reading: Tignor, Chapter 4

Choose three of the questions below and provide answers.
Discussion Questions:
1.   How did migrations influence the development of societies in Afro-Eurasia?
2.   Describe the worldview of Vedic culture in ancient South Asia.
3.   Why was "caste" (Varna) of particular importance?
4.   Did Vedic culture function to maintain social-political structures in the materialand cosmic planes of existence? If so, then please explain.
5.   How does caste (Varna) continue to have a role in India today?
6.   How were empires different from territorial states?
7.   What are the cultural legacies of the Persian, Greek, and Jewish worlds from thisperiod?
8.   Other comments - impressions?

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Q1: Influence of migration on the development of societies in Afro-Eurasia

The migration of people migration of people into diverse parts of Eurasia led to the development of languages that must have started with one or a closer number of languages (Tignor, n.d). These languages were most likely imported from Ukraine, southern Russia, and northwestern China. About 6500 to 7500 years ago, a foundation language must have been rooted in Central Eurasia that is exemplified in the common and derivative words found in the spoken languages in most European countries like Russia and Ukraine, as...

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