1. If Endubis, an African living in 400 CE, walked from his kingdom...

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1. If Endubis, an African living in 400 CE, walked from his kingdom to another rival kingdom nearby, where did he most likely travel?
A. from Ghana to Egypt
B. from Songhai to Axum
C. from Kush to Axum
D. from Kush to Zimbabwe

2. Which items were brought to the U.S. and developed by enslaved Africans?
A. the banjo, baptism, rum
B. the steel guitar, mashed potatoes, chitlins
C. the ukulele, hymns, sweet potatoes
D. the banjo, voodoo, sesame seeds

3. The Axum Kingdom became wealthy by _____.
A. conquering its trade competition
B. mining salt
C. taxing traded goods
D. All answers are correct.

4. Which statement about Egyptian sculpture is correct?
A. It was a model for later Greek sculpture.
B. It followed a similar style for thousands of years.
C. It used a standard set of proportions for the human body.
D. All answers are correct.

5. Which African civilization was in southern Africa?
A. Axum
B. Songhai
C. Zimbabwe
D. ancient Egypt

6. Around what time did people begin to settle along the Nile River?
A. 6000 BCE
B. 2000 BCE
C. 700 BCE
D. 100 CE

7. Many of the voodoo practices in New Orleans and Haiti come from African beliefs in _____.
A. Christianity
B. the godhood of pharaohs
C. Islam
D. animism

9. If Nimi, a man living in the year 1400 CE, was enslaved by a Kongo family, what could have been the reason?
A. He was convicted of a crime.
B. He was captured in war.
C. His family gave him to another family as a dowry.
D. All answers are correct.

10. If you wanted to cook a meal using native African ingredients, which dish would be most appropriate?
A. cheese grits
B. okra in gumbo stew
C. sweet potato pie
D. All answers are correct.

11. Africa is _____ as the U.S.
A. almost as big
B. about the same size
C. twice as big
D. three times as big

12. Where would a person in Mali around the year 1400 CE go to study law and literary culture?
A. Cairo
B. Great Zimbabwe
C. Benin
D. Timbuktu

13. How were West Africa’s coastal and inland societies different from European kingdoms in 1500 CE?
A. They preserved smaller societies, languages, and cultures.
B. They had more democracy and did not have kings.
C. Their women had more power and status.
D. They did not write or use metals.

14. Most enslaved people who were sent across the Atlantic came from _____.
A. the west coast of Africa
B. north of the Sahara Desert
C. the interior of central Africa
D. the east coast of Africa

15. Which statement about Egyptian hieroglyphs is correct?
A. They were loosely based upon the Greek alphabet.
B. No one knew how to read them for almost 1500 years.
C. They were the basis of Greek, Roman, and all later European alphabets.
D. They were beautiful works of art but not a useful writing system.

16. Which city has a large collection of African manuscripts written between 1400 and 1700 CE?
A. Harare, Zimbabwe
B. Luanda, Angola
C. Timbuktu, Mali
D. Lagos, Nigeria

17. If a teacher describes customs, beliefs, and family structures as common to all African cultures, why might the teacher be wrong?
A. Africa is diverse with many different customs.
B. Most African customs or beliefs began in Europe.
C. All Africans use the Swahili term Kiafrika to refer to Africa.
D. The teacher is right because all African societies have similar customs

18. Why would a West African be enslaved in the Songhai Empire?
A. for owing a large debt to someone
B. for being captured in war
C. for being convicted of a crime
D. All answers are correct.

19. Which civilizations were located on the banks of the Nile River?
A. Egypt, Ghana, Mali
B. Egypt, Kush, and Axum
C. Egypt, Kush, Zimbabwe
D. Egypt, Benin, Songhai

20. Why have historians only recently solved some of the secrets of early African civilizations?
A. Some societies did not leave written records.
B. Many historians had been biased against African civilizations.
C. Some writing systems were figured out only in the last 150 years.
D. All answers are correct.

21. What people conquered the Songhai Empire and enslaved Ahmad Baba, the famous scholar of Timbuktu?
A. Ghanaians
B. Portuguese
C. Ethiopians
D. Moroccans

22. If Ahmed was an African writer enslaved and taken to Morocco, he probably came from which civilization?
A. Zimbabwe
B. Mali or Songhai
C. Benin or Kongo
D. Kush or Axum

23. Why was the Christian Kingdom of Axum left independent while Muslim armies conquered surrounding countries?
A. According to legend, Axum offered shelter to the family of the prophet Muhammad.
B. Axum proved too difficult a country to conquer due to its superior weapons.
C. Axum had already been conquered by European powers.
D. Muslim armies avoided Axum because it was geographically isolated.

24. By 1500 CE, European societies had advantages over African societies in all the following except _____.
A. gunpowder and printing
B. metalworking and mining
C. shipbuilding and sea navigation
D. cultural and linguistic unity

25. Which statement most accurately reflects the influence of African culture on American culture?
A. African culture had little influence on American culture.
B. African culture only influenced American music and dance traditions.
C. African culture influenced American music and food.
D. African culture influenced almost every aspect of American culture.

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1. If Endubis, an African living in 400 CE, walked from his kingdom to another rival kingdom nearby, where did he most likely travel?
Answer: C. from Kush to Axum

2. Which items were brought to the U.S. and developed by enslaved Africans?
Answer: D. (banjo, voodoo, sesame seeds)

3. The Axum Kingdom became wealthy by _____.
Answer: D (all of these)...

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