The resulting social, economic and political pressures of the Industrial Revolution forced members of every class in British society to reflect on the implications of classical liberalism left unregulated. Poor working conditions and inequalities meant that society had to change. New political ideas such as socialism and communism called for action in response to the social impact of laissez-faire policies.

As a rising new thinker of one of the “isms” of the 19th century you will be creating a newspaper editorial or commercial to promote support for your “ism” of choice. You may choose to represent one of the following movements
1. Socialism
2. Laissez-faire Capitalism
3. Communism
4. Chartism
5. Utopian Socialism
6. Classical Conservativism
7. Welfare Capitalism
Your editorial / commercial must include the following elements
1. An image of 19th century living that will provoke a compassionate response to your position
2. A discussion of the problems that you have identified in 19th century living *
3. Two quotes from thinkers about your “isms” beliefs/values OR a criticism of 19th* century life
4. A discussion of your “isms” fundamental principles
5. An written image of what life would be like if people embraced your ideological perspective *If you choose to explain Welfare Capitalism, comment on early 20th century living

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Utopian Socialism
The nature of life during the 19th century

Picture showing the distance between the capitalists and the public
Life in the most significant part of the 19th century was unbearable for almost every person. Farmers, immigrants, urban and rural dwellers all faced burgeoning challenges, which diminished their perceptions concerning the essence of life.
Between 1880 and 1900, the rate of industrialization was exponential a thing that changed the U.S. cities....

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