Christianity and moral restraint in the New World

Consider whether it is possibile that the Christian West's treatment of non-Christian/non-European peoples encountered during the Age of Reconaissance and 'Discovery', and its aparent lack of restraint, were, perhaps, an unfortunate consequence of the rejection of the Medieval Syntheais in the 13th century, illustrating moral implications of the failure to reconcile the City of God and 'The City of the World' (World Denial and World Affirmation). What definition of a Christian life guided the actions of the emisaries/ambasadores of the Christian West?

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The discovery of the New World changed the history for ever and the Western civilization, where the Christian doctrine played significant role in every aspect of life. The moral restraint was one of the major characteristics of Christian West, and thereby, the people encountered during the Age of Reconnaissance and 'Discovery' was treated as beings from...

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