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Discuss the term renaissance (what does it mean?) and the development of the Italian Renaissance. Describe its features and some of its notable figures - artistic and literary. What is new about this time and what themes are based on past art, architecture, and literature? What relationship does the Italian renaissance have to the Protestant reformations?

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The term renaissance is not new in modern studies, especially when it comes to historical contexts. The literal meaning of Renaissance is to be born again or rebirth. However, the actual sense of the term stands for two different things: one refers to the revitalization of the European culture, and the other one is the re-discovery of the applications of the ancient classics in science and art (Finnan, 2018). The Renaissance period connected the medieval, and the modern eras and its ideologies gave birth to modernity and modern civilization.

The development of the Italian Renaissance began in the late 15th century when some Italian thinkers and philosophers declared that there was a great need to change and move out of the medieval way of thinking (Finnan, 2018)....

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