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What was the significance of the Haitian Revolution? What events in Europe influenced the Revolution from taking place? What influence if any did the revolution have on Latin America? Provide as much detail as possible.

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The Causes, Course, and Impacts of Haitian revolution
Haitian Revolution occurred between 1794 and 1804 lasting for thirteen consecutive years of instability in Saint-Domingue. The revolution marked a new turning point in European governance and formed the grounds for the future revolutions. In a close examination of all the other revolutions, Haitian revolution remains one of the most successful leading to the formation of Haiti State (Knight 324). The core reason for the revolution was to oppose the slave policies implemented by the French colonial masters that saw the segregation of slaves from Africa and Asia from both political and economic inequality. Confounding multiple factors led to the success of the revolutions, which also had a major impact on the then Latin America nations. The...

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