Reflection Paper II Topics: History
Please write a reflective paper on the topic provided below; in no less than 600 words. Follow the MLA format, 12 Font, Times New Roman and Double Space. Feel free to use class notes, textbook, outside sources (scholarly journals, books: NO WIKIPEDIA), and films.
1) How did forced labor shape the identity of Spain’s American colonies? What was Spain’s expectation of luxury goods from its colonies? How did this expectation influence the onset of smuggling and piracy? Provide as much detail as possible.

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During the two-century Spanish imperialist period in the Americas, the Spanish Crown of Castile forced native peoples and Africans into slavery (Batchelder and Sanchez, 2013). Native slaves were captured in war, in raiding soon-to-be conquered territories, purchased as part of tribute payment called encomienda, or purchased from native leaders (Batchelder and Sanchez, 2013). Although the Crown eventually freed native slaves, it continued to keep African slaves for mining, including gold and silver, and agriculture, including sugar crops (Batchelder and Sanchez, 2013). The Crown and its colonial leaders in the Americas destroyed the native population with forced labor and forced payment of tribute (Batchelder and Sanchez, 2013). The use of forced labor mandated not only natural resources as capital but also humans as capital in order to increase the Crown’s wealth (Batchelder and Sanchez, 2013; Grafe and Irigoin, 2012).
The first slave revolt in the Americas occurred in 1521 in Santo Domingo when a group of African and Taino slaves united to against their Spanish masters (Stone, 2013). These groups came together to fight a common oppressor, though both had had their own independent uprisings earlier (Stone, 2013). This event is indicative that forced labor brought otherwise distinct groups, separated by culture, by language...

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