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Read the article:
Women in Nineteenth- and Twentieth-Century Latin America and the Caribbean by Virginia Sánchez Korrol

than answer following question:
In the beginning of the Latin American wars of Independence, we see that women's roles were shaped by gender ideology about appropriate and inappropriate activities for women, women's strengths and weaknesses and more. As the wars went on, we see that some gender ideologies were challenged. Similarly, after Independence, we see that the story of women's place in society is mixed, with some advances, and some stubbornly unequal social structures.

Sánchez-Korrol's article covers a lot of ground--many decades and countries. If you had to be sent back in time, pick a place and time described in the article where you would choose to be a woman and describe your lifestyle, worries, constraints and benefits of your social status, position, role, etc. Again the article is your main source of information.

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If I had to be sent back in time, I would want to be a Creole woman during the early 19th century because I could create a direct impact on the Venezuelan/Bolivar revolution. During that period, women were in the front lines as spies, informants, and even soldiers in a pinch. I would be one of those women who established schools for girls because as a Creole woman, I was fortunate to receive an education in the first place....

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