Writing Assignment 1: Film Review .
2 pages, double spaced, one inch margins, 11 or 12 point font.

Watch a film Hour of the Star and review it.

Your review must address the following questions:

1. In one paragraph or less, summarize the plot of the film and discuss what you think the filmmaker was attempting to accomplish with this film.

2. In 3 paragraphs, relate the film to 3 terms or concepts from our course. How does it apply or not? What does it reveal or illustrate about these concepts?

3. Your opinion of the film. Is this film effective at illustrating concepts related to our course? Is it compelling? Is the filmmaker successful at fulfilling his or her purpose as you have interpreted it?

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Hour of the Star tells the story of Macabea, a poor, small-town Brazilian woman who seeks to create a better life in Rio de Janeiro, where she believes greater opportunity for advancement exists. Macabea desires a future as a typist and eventually as a reporter, a barrier that is difficult to cross for females in Brazil. She has a difficult time adapting to life with a job that requires excellent writing skills due to her poor education in rural Brazil...

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