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Movie: 1492 – Conquest of Paradise (1992) – Full movie
Duration: 2 hours and 30 minutes

Reading: Letter from Columbus (Colon) to Luis Santangel


1. Based on the movie:
Write a summary of at least 2 pages, explaining chronologically the events that took place in the movie. The summary must be written in narrative form, it must have an introduction, body and conclusion.

Would you think that the facts stated throughout the movie could have been real? Why yes or why not?

2.   Based on the letter:
Write a short review of at least 2 historical events described in the letter that Cristobal Colon wrote Luis Santangel.

Follow the mechanics explained in the rubric.

On a separate piece of paper answer the following questions:

Why do you think Colon wrote the letter to Santangel?
What names did he give the islands on the letter?

3. What do you think is the historical importance of the letter or do you think that there is no historical importance and why?

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1. 1492: Conquest of Paradise is a dramatic depiction of Columbus’ voyages to the New World. Initially, Columbus believed that he was traveling west to find a sea route to China and the Far East, but he eventually discovered most of the Caribbean Sea, the northern coast of South America, and part of the Central American coast. At the start of the movie, Columbus talks to his son about the nature of Earth. He asks his son to observe a ship moving off the horizon, and proves that the earth is round by noting that the ship slowly disappears as it moves further away. Columbus argues with a scholar regarding the nature of his voyage and convinces him of his plans.
We then see an Inquisition scene; several Jews are being asphyxiated and burned in public for not renouncing their faith. Columbus drags his horrified son out of the area. A week later, Columbus proposes his western voyage to the royal court at Salamanca....

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